When I first began my undergrad studies at the University of Washington, I set out to become a psychology professor. I love solving peoples’ problems and studying people’s unique minds. Then, my passion for understanding people compelled me towards a different direction: sales.

I tried real estate sales for close to two years; but eventually realized it wasn’t the right fit. I have greater aptitude for problem solving through knowledge; and that habit doesn’t translate well to sales. Upon realizing this introspective insight I decided to go back to school to become a UX/UI Designer.

I’m very studious, analytical and thorough with my work. My colorful background teaching chess, hosting a podcast and performing stand up comedy makes me an exceptional talent to bring to any organization that values diverse thinking. I am driven to quickly create design work at an affordable price.

The desk layout picture above showcases my pride and joy- my triple monitor layout! I’m adding a fourth soon! I don’t get out much. However! My workstation helps me stay organized and efficiently pursue the projects I’m most passionate about.