Hi I’m ryan ackerman

12 Years of Coaching Experience
Spokane City Champion 2022
US Chess Expert 

And I absolutely love playing and teaching chess

Scholastic Coaching

Lessons conducted virtually via zoom and chesskid.com

Adult Classes

Conducted physically via cans, strings and marbles

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Studying chess systematically has been shown to raise students’ IQ and exam scores , as well as strengthen mathematical, language, and reading skills. Using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, a Venezuelan study of over 4000 second-grade students found a significant increase in most students’ IQ scores after only 4.5 months of systematically studying chess. This occurred across all socio-economic groups and for both males and females. Source

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Acheivement of meaningful desired outcomes

Relationship Building

Learning to build and keep relationships at an early age is more important than ever.


I love teaching chess

Long Term Planning

Chess sets children up for planning out their own paths ahead.

We found out Yiyang loves chess during his second grade enrichment chess class and we’ve been fortunate to find Ryan to help him. Yiyang has attended private lessons with Ryan since Dec, 2019. At that time, his rating was just 800. After 5+ months, his rating has increased to 1100+. More importantly, we’re glad to see Yiyang has become so confident and calm during the chess tournaments.

Ryan provided all the needed guidance to Yiyang, including books to read, tournaments to attend and games to play. He closely tracks Yiyang’s progress and adjusts the learning plan accordingly. He also tries all the ways to encourage Yiyang to practice and keep making progress.

During one of the tournaments, Yiyang won 5 of 5 rounds and got 1st place in second grade.

After the tournament, the first thing Yiyang thought of is to share this good news with Ryan. I think this is the best proof that Ryan is not only the teacher for him but also his best friend. Really appreciate the help and support Ryan gives to Yiyang.




Coach Ryan was my first chess coach; he taught me several critical skills that benefited me on and off the chessboard. His composure, compassion, and confidence supported me through my chess learnings. Currently, I am in the top-15 in the USA for my age, and without Coach Ryan, I would not have developed a strong chess foundation for my chess endeavors If you are a student that likes fun, strategy, focus, and consistency while learning chess Coach Ryan is the perfect fit. Thank you, Coach Ryan, for all your support.

Rushaan Mahajan

Previous Student


My son learnt to play chess on one of those big chess boards (with large movable pieces) that some parks/hotels have and we enjoyed playing chess often while we were parked/waiting in our car’s chess app. I wanted to trial lessons with Coach Ryan to see if Adi would be responsive to playing someone else besides his father. Adi was playing too much Minecraft and Pokemon and we were worried it might be turning his brain to mush! We figured that chess lessons might be the perfect thing to replace time spent playing video games with something more conducive to his brain development.

Ryan turned out to be the perfect fit. He connects with my son really well, they have a lot of fun during class time. Ryan gives Adi homework and holds him accountable for following through. Ryan asks engaging questions and helps stoke a fire to keep Adi’s interest in chess alive and well. Whenever he plays with his classmates he wins all his games and reports to me with a beaming grin on his face. My son absolutely benefits a great deal. After just a few weeks, we were sure this was a great fit. We’ve been taking lessons for 4 months and things are going strong. I’d highly recommend Coach Ryan to other families interested in chess lessons for their child.




Our son has always loved chess, and during the pandemic we realized our child needed something stimulating to look forward to. Ryan’s approach gave Nolan that and so much more. Our child’s chess game improved while his enthusiasm, as well as his willingness to take risks and make mistakes, also developed. However, that’s not all that changed. We watched with delight as remote learning became engaging. Ryan has the unique ability to meet kids where they are at with curiosity, humor, skill, direction, patience, and he doesn’t miss a beat. Children lost many things during the pandemic including normalcy, structure, social interactions, and the chance to just be kids. With Ryan, our child got all these things back, while improving his chess game. To this day, I’ve never won a match against Nolan. And his dad, who plays multiple times a day, almost never does. I can’t recommend his services enough.




We noticed Maadhav liked chess when he tried it out during after school enrichment classes.

During the pandemic, when all the other activities came to a halt, I was looking for a chess coach to help provide some structure to our son’s routine, keep his interest in chess alive, not lose touch with listening to directions and also a person he can build a rapport with. After trying a different coach first, I am glad I found Ryan who was a great fit for our son and checked all the boxes we were looking for in a chess coach.

What I appreciate the most is his ability to bond with kids.

Ryan is also proactive about sharing his observations, feedback and chess lesson summary notes with parents. He’s good at listening to kids and giving them choices about the kind of activity they would like to do during class.

When Maadhav’s proud of a game he won on chesskid.com, he loves sending an email to Coach Ryan and joyfully analyzes it with Ryan during class. My son watches the clock to be sure he is not late for his chess class with Coach Ryan. We’re happy he’s has found a great coach and friend!



Who is Chess Coaching For?

Anybody aged 5-99

Elementary aged children with little experience
Some of my all time favorite students started from scratch. It can be really fun to identify the thing about chess they love the most and then double down on it during lesson time.
Elementary aged children with some experience
They’ve already play a few tournaments and now would be an excellent time in their development to bolster their foundational knowledge for the longer term.
Elementary aged children with that competitive edge
Time to channel that passion and talent! Time to start taking tournament play more seriously to instill positive values. I can help guide the way!
Adults with little to moderate experience
Oh boy have you picked the right hobby. Time for puzzles and more focused game analysis. I won’t treat you like a kid, that’s for sure!
Advanced players

If your chess.com rapid rating is above 1400 (or lichess rapid/classical rating of >1650) congratulations! You fall into the category of advanced! There’s a couple ways I can help: (a) a short term package of lessons designed to go over a self study plan, or (b) a weekly study of a specific area of the game such as attacking chess, positional play, or endgame expertise.

I Can Play 4 Games Simultaneously Without Seeing the Pieces